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Our Company
  CNF is located in Guangzhou, China, which is a professional manufacturer of slack adjuster with experience for over 20 years. Our Product Our products are suitable for buses and trucks of Benz, Daewoo, Hino, Hyundai, Kamaz, Kssbohrer, Iveco, Man, Neoplan, Nissan, Renault, Ror, Scania, Volvo, Jinlong and Yutong, etc. The product range nearly cover all series on the market, such as ABA-1, ABA-2, ABA-3, ABA-4, ASA-5, S-ABA, ASA-C, ABA-C and many others which are served for the market of America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and China. More than 2000 kinds of product we can provide, and you can correspond with the OEM No. of Bendix, Benz, Bpw, Daf, Dana, Gunite, Haldex, knorr, Man, Meritor, Renault, Ror, Saf, Scania, Volvo, ZF, Jinlong and Yutong, Dongfeng, etc.
Our Service
  Our staff are proud of their ability to supply products professionally and quickly. Moreover, we can supply customized types if you have special requirements.

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